If you’ve been following Cape Town Travel Guide since we launched our weekly blog in March 2018, you’ll know that our tagline is true. We’ve shared details on all the top activities, in Cape Town and the wider Western Cape: from food and drinks to music and film, from theatre and art to sport and the outdoors. We’ve also given away over 300 tickets to lucky readers, who all got to experience the best in local events.

V&A Waterfront Cape Town (Image: Supplied)

What you might not know, is the story of how Cape Town Travel Guide came to be. Well, it all began back in 2004, when I first moved to the Mother City. I spent five years at the University of Cape Town. But when I graduated, I didn’t want to say goodbye to my new home.

And so, while many of my friends made their way across the country and the world, I stayed behind to lay down my roots. That meant a series of jobs in branding, communications, and market research, all while I continued to express my love for Cape Town through my writing.

Cape Town (Image: Supplied)

My freelance writing career began alongside my full-time work. At that stage, I mostly wrote marketing articles and self-help book reviews. But working nine to five left me with a desire to try something more fun. That’s how I began writing movie reviews. It wasn’t long before I began writing theatre reviews too.

The first one I published was on Phantom of the Opera, which, after more than ten years, still ranks as one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The producer loved my review, and added me to the guest list for his next show. Soon, more producers and publicists began inviting me to their shows. And then came the ultimate honour: being invited to serve as a judge for the local theatre awards. Since then, I’ve seen almost a thousand shows, and even won a Silver Award at South Africa’s Arts Journalist of the Year in 2014.

Bo Kaap Cape Town (Image: Supplied)

As much as I’m constantly blown away by the quality of Cape Town theatre, I’m just as impressed by the culinary art in this corner of the world. It’s why my writing soon embraced food, wine, and travel, locally at first but now encompassing the world. My travels have taken me to Argentina, Colombia, Singapore, Thailand, Mauritius, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, France, and Spain. I even won an Excellence in Journalism Award for travel writing in 2017.

But even after all my journeys across the globe, something about Cape Town kept calling me back. And as much as I’ve loved sharing stories in over 100 publications worldwide, I’ve always been most passionate about exploring and promoting the Mother City to locals and visitors alike. That was my inspiration for the Cape Town Travel Guide blog. It’s was also my inspiration for turning the blog into a podcast in June 2019.

Muizenberg Beach Cape Town (Image: Supplied)

The podcast began as a short episode every Monday morning, highlighting what was happening in and around Cape Town that week. Like with the blog, I included links to everything I talked about, which you can still find on our website and help you make the most of your time across the Western Cape.

Alas, even though our community was growing every week, the pandemic forced me to put the show on hold. I don’t know if or when it will be back but we’ve still got great content in the archives to keep that love for Cape Town alive!

– Eugene Yiga