Introducing the Cape Town Travel Guide podcast!

After months of planning, our podcast is finally live!

If you’ve been following Cape Town Travel Guide since we launched our weekly blog in March 2018, you’ll know that our tagline is true. We’ve shared details on all the top activities in Cape Town and the wider Western Cape: from food and drinks to music and film, from theatre and art to sport and the outdoors. We’ve also given away over 200 tickets to lucky readers, who all got to experience the best in local events. What you might not know is the story of how Cape Town Travel Guide came to be. It’s time to find out!

Thank you for listening to the Cape Town Travel Guide podcast!

  • This show is hosted by marketing consultant, travel writer, and voice actor Eugene Yiga. Learn more about working with him at
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  • I’m a big fan of your writing and social media accounts. Your work is done with precision and perfection and all the information so applicable to Cape Town. I’ve found so many new places since I’ve started reading your blog and following you on Twitter. I’ve even won a give away and so did a friend I’ve refered. It will be really awesome if you can announce the winners on social media as this makes things so much more exciting and winners can even report back on how excited they are about their prize. Your podcast is such an awesome addition to what you are already doing and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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